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David & Me

Growing up, I was an endlessly artistic kid, always sketching and illustrating, typically alongside my brother, David. By the time I entered into my teenage years, however, I was experimenting less in the traditional artistic disciplines, and more with my own appearance … as well as the appearance of Krylon brand spray paint on train cars in the freight yards of Chicago.

(L to R) Me, Petey, Death Metal Geoff, Spatz and Bboy / And yes, I wrote 'PeZ' =]

In my further pursuit of the illegal arts, I was first introduced to contemporary graphic design tools when my brother, my best friend and I self-hosted a crash course in making fake IDs using Photoshop. I found I rather enjoyed pushing pixels with various Adobe software products, and I began to imagine the possibility of a career in graphic design.

An analog for my early Photoshop work

With all the promise the Internet held, static graphics quickly paled in comparison, for me, to their interactive counterparts on the web. And when a pair of friends showed me their web-based, immersive, motion graphic creations, I was immediately hooked.

I still owe the Peachpit ‘Visual Quickstart Guide’ book series for my first couple career gigs.

Universities had yet to acknowledge the intersection of software, design and Internet technologies, so I learned how to design and code on my own time and terms. I bought my own textbooks and hustled hard through the startup, client side and agency worlds before finding my way to IDEO, where I now work as a Principal Interaction and Software Designer in San Francisco.

Hello, IDEO.

I've had the honor to speak, both home and abroad, about how the ideologies borne of the 🤘 music and activism ✊ that raised me now inform the work that I do as a designer, and about the future I believe we've all a responsibility to create through our work.

DDD Milan, photo by

Formerly, I served on the Board of Directors at AIGA Chicago. And I cook a mean omelet; so mean, in fact, that I once made them for the entire IDEO Chicago studio.